Self Love

08/01/2015 12:05

Self love which the world says we must have to acheive a happy life, is the biggest deterent to a happy life in Christ.

Mother Teresa was an excellent example of one who put love for her God and all other human beings, before she ever thought of herself.

She acheived a state of Godliness that is not easy to acheive.

Are we required to all be Mother Teresa in order to receive approval from God?

No, God knows many of us cannot, but He wants us to try.  In that process we will learn to lean on Him and trust in Him and we will explore the ever increasing fullness of God and come to know Him as Love - that is why He wants us to abandon self love and seek Him.

Are we to abandon the life we have and go live in a mountain cave?  Never, to God, that is selfish and a form of self love or seeking for oneself.

God sees you where you are and loves you and if you just turn around to face Him and look up and speak to Him, you will find the Greatest Friend you could ever have who will guide and direct you into a relationship with Himself so that you have peace and joy and a freedom that you could never imagine.