16/03/2016 11:01

Friend, self love becomes sinful when God is not put ahead of self.

Self love can easily become full of pride and independence which pushes God out of the way and relegates Him to second place.

This type of thinking will never get us far spiritually. The breakthroughs come slower if at all and the Heavenly Joy is overshadowed by the joy of the world.

Self-love is bouyed by the joy it can have that is worldly. Riches, luxury, objects, a life of worldly fullness can easily shut God out.

We must be careful.

God gives abundantly but it is wise to allow Him to give to us when we are spiritually ready and not to go before Him and grasp and take the things He is not ready to give us, because it will stunt our spiritual growth.

We love to be wise in our own eyes. We are masters at rationalizing and justifying everything to come around to our way of thinking.

We so love it when we are "right."

Self-love brings distance and separation between us and God.

Putting Him first and allowing Him to work the Good Work in us, will guide us into the kind of self-love that is acceptable to Him. 

Friend, is self-love the barrier that keeps you from progressing on your Journey?

Decide today to break that barrier down and put God first.

Seek Him and see that He is Good.

When you find that key to behold the Beauty of the Lord, you will realize how foolish self-love really was.