Serious Business

10/08/2019 21:10

Friend, do not be deceived by evil.

The intent of evil is to deceive, and evil is good at it.

Evil knows our limitations, weaknesses, and has an account of our sin; the skeletons in our closets.

Evil is behind every lie we have told; every sleight of hand; every bout of maniacal foolishness; the mindgames we play with others and ourselves; every unholy desire consumated.

With glee evil runs around high-fiving itself as it pulls us ever deeper into it's clutches.

Demonic beings gather in their lairs as they discuss our fall from Grace; gathering to see how they have pleased their master, satan himself.

Friend, decide today to unhitch your wagon from them.

Be determined to find the Way to cleansing and Forgiveness by God.

He offers it to you right now.

God understands. He knows you fell into the clutches of the great deceiver.

He will Forgive if you are ready to repent; change your ways.

He is ever present to help through the consequences of the sinful life you have been leading.

Maybe finding this blog and reading it's contents is a place for you to find out about God, in peace; no advertisements, no donations needed, no book to buy.

Romans 8:26b says "The Spirit Himself intercedes for us." (To God.)

When Jesus died and rose from the dead to sit at the Right Hand of The Father, He sent the Holy Spirit (also God) to earth to be the Counsellor, Comforter and Keeper of those who believe.

Romans 8:16  The Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.

Believers have God to help them not lose their Salvation; to help them grow in God Knowledge; to help them strengthen spiritual muscle, mind, body, soul for the rest of their sojourn on earth.

What a great Gift!

We do not know what we need. 

God does. He sees all. He knew us before we were born.

The circumstances we are in now do not bother Him. He is acquainted with where we have landed, because His Law which no one can escape has been in play and our choices have spat out the consequences we are looking into the future at.

He has made a Way through the Great Offering of The Sacrifice of His Beloved Son as Payment for our sins.

He wants to know right now, " Is the Payment by His Beloved Son sufficient for you to stop all you are doing and turn to face Him and thank Him?"

This is God's constant "ask" of your soul.

When will you accept God's Plan for your Salvation/Redemption?

Now is the time.