Serve Him With Gladness

20/01/2016 11:22

Friend, the Lord Jesus asks that we have a glad heart.

We can be glad (grateful and joyful) because He loves us, and He forgives us.

Once we accept this fact our heart can let go of all the anger, revenge and hate. It has no need for those things anymore.

You are loved by the One who died for you to have an eternal life filled with His Presence which is Love and Light and Truth.

He also owns all the Power - All Powerful.

He decides what evil is allowed and what the final punishment is for evil, and when it will receive said punishment.

Now is the time to think about these things if you friend, have not yet given your allegiance to the King of Kings.

Now is the acceptable time the Bible says. Right now as you read these words.

Are you on board the great train that is leaving the station right now?

Run, get on board!  Tell Him, "Yes, I believe. Help me, Jesus!"

Rejoice in His Mercy. He died for you to have it. New every morning and all through the day, it's yours.

He knows you will stumble, but just keep your eyes fixed on Him in all you do and think and say and you will be forever in His hands, under His Lordship and care.

Have a glad heart, friend and know you are loved!