Sexual Sin

29/02/2016 07:48

Friend, are you one who will go to great lengths to justify the way you have made for yourself; the sinfilled bog you are mired in?

Without the Holy Spirit released freely in your soul and spirit you will never see your own sin for what it is. An abomination to God.

Many of us get caught in sexual sin.

We love to justify own own brand of sexuality. The hardest sin for humans to admit is immorality, before God.

We want to believe that all we  believe about human ardour is allowed, perhaps not what others indulge in, but our own lusts and abberrations, are ok!

How ridiculous to Holy God! 

Today we are bombarded by television ads, magazines, movies, and pictures that continuously push the boundaries open to expose more and more what satan knows will enslave us into a bondage that is difficult to escape.

Satan has always used images and words to do this ( plenty of evidence in history) but today he has new mediums to work in and many are there, of our brothers and sisters who blindly do his bidding, getting rich off his generosity.

It's all a trap.

God asks us to listen to Him. He does not deny us satisfaction in this area of our life but He has designed a way for us in this area that will keep us clean before Him, untainted by satanic sin.

We must know Jesus personally, and we must have the Spirit in us.

The Spirit's Holy oil helps all the moving parts within us to be free to move. Without Him, we are unbelievers or just creaky old barely alive in Christ, vessels. 

We read so much information when seeking and searching for Truth, that is so obviously not filled with the Spirit that it is just "mumbo jumbo." Desperate attempts to convince oneself and others that the path they have chosen is "historically correct" therefore leads to the ultimate afterlife experience.

Those souls are lacking true knowledge. Deluded, deceived and it will be proved to them, either by the Holy Spirit whilst alive or by the Father in the afterlife.

Personally, I would not wait until the afterlife to find out I may be wrong.

Best to want the Truth now and plough on, taking the new Path to search and seek for Truth for myself with the Holy Ghost's help, not some satanic demon disguised as a guru.

Let this be a warning to every soul who is so self righteous in their beliefs because of what has shaped their past, that when they deny Truth, it is recorded, duly noted that the Son of God was never given the place of Highest Honour. 

No, better to leave the past at the foot of the Cross, ask for the Spirit's help to find the Truth, and then be available for the journey. Humble and ready to know Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

What better witness for God than a repentant sinner who is saved by Grace and Mercy and fully embraces the Lordship of Jesus over their lives because they have a personal relationship with Him.