Sin, Continual & Habitual

24/07/2018 21:27

Friend, when we know God, we must not treat Him like He is a fool.

His Son paid the price for the sin of each human individually.

Before He Forgives us He asks us to repent of sin. 

To be born-again means we have said "Yes, Lord, I repent," and mean it with all our hearts.

Repent means to recognize the sin and to turn away from it.

God will hold us to that as if it is a Binding Contract, according to His Law, with Him.

Then, He washes us clean in His Son's Blood and we begin a new life in Jesus. 

We may find we have hundreds of sins to repent of as we go through our lives. 

Just when we think we have conquered all, He shows us another; but it is as Loving Father that He does so. 

He desires we keep walking on the Righteous Path. 

The Holy Spirit comes alongside us and is there to encourage, convict and teach us.

If we love Him we try our best to throw off the old sins and gain good footing by going to The Word to hear from our Lord; for help in walking through the sin infested land.

We should pray; having long conversations with Him as we learn from Him and are able to graduate to prayers of praise, for all He does for us.

We will see with new eyes and have new understanding in our hearts and minds; knowing more about our Lord and Saviour King.

He will go before us and make a Way. He will fight our enemies. He will help us to improve our lives. He will calm the mind. He will love us like no other. He will bless us.

All we have to do is walk in His Footsteps, shun sinful words, thoughts, deeds, and actions. 

This becomes easy when we gain Wisdom from His Word.

We must fight with Him against the continual and habitual sins, as He clears the way for us to do so.

Maybe we get angry or even violent in certain situations. He will be fighting those demons in the spiritual realm for you so be alert and stay close to Him as you fight against the demonic forces that seek to take away your Prize of Eternal Life.

Trust that he is working all things together for Good for you. 

Have Faith in Him to accomplish what you never will, without Him.

He loves you and values you and knows that with Him you can be an Overcomer for His Kingdom.

Don't forsake Him, because He will never forsake you.

It is we who do the forsaking.