24/10/2015 12:48

Friend, a question has come up and it's good to look at it from God's Perspective which is far above ours.

Does God condone sin - because it is impossible for humans to be sinless?

The most simple answer is this.

Continual, habitual and wilful sin is not condoned by God.

When we come to know Him and accept His Sacrifice for us, we are effectively saying we are a sinner, and are repenting of our sinful ways. At that point, because we acknowledge our sinfulness, and we acknowledge our Saviour Lord, we are forgiven, and enter into a relationship with our Redeemer who desires that we "sin no more," as He told the woman at the well - John 11b  "Neither do I condemn thee: go and sin no more."

Our repentance opens the door to the Holy Spirit, Who; begins a new work in us (that helps us to see sin and acknowledge it in our life) and; allows Him to make a Way for us out of it.

So while we are "born again" into the family of God, we must be acknowledging our sin and leaning on Jesus to help us; and allowing the Spirit to guide us into a relationship with the Lord - where we are working on our sinful nature to restore it to being more like our Lord and Saviour.

The Lord knows the state of our hearts and minds and if we are truly trying, or just acting for the world, but in secret, keeping hold of the sin.

Be brave friend, push that sin out and close the door.

Allow the Spirit to convict you of sin in your life and take His teaching on board so that you have the tools to resist sin in the future.

When we are walking in belief and faith and resisting sin and changing our ways, we are precious in our Saviour's sight.  He is there with us and able to have a relationship with us through repentance and faith.

When we resist the Spirit who is trying to help us fulfill our vow to repent, then we are denying our Lord and He will not force Himself into our life but will try to show us through the Spirit that our choices are not according to His design for our life.

Volumes could be written about sin and it's effects and how a sinless life is rewarding - this is just a beginning that will help you to grow into full understanding.