Sincerity In Seeking

16/03/2015 10:24

Friend, all God asks of you is that you be sincere in seeking Him.

When He sees your sincere heart, He must respond.  It is a Law of Heaven.

This is why we hear people say they have read the Bible and they have an opinion about it but have not met the God who speaks in the Bible.

Their quest is not one of sincere seeking to know Him.  It is an academic study or a just a read of history.

They are reading with worldly eyes, not spiritual eyes.

God will never turn away a sincere soul.  He delights to see us seeking Him, because then He can begin a close personal relationship with us.  He can share who He is and show His Power and Attributes, that will help us along our way in this world and the world of eternal life to come.

Those who are blind to Him cannot partake in the Glory of God.  They find a false and deceitful way that leads to an eternity away from the most Beautiful God and His Kingdom.

Be careful you do not go down the slippery slope of unbelief.  God places warning signs for you all along that path, but you have to choose to turn back.

When will enough be enough for you to stop, turn around and look at Him?  Don't defend your bad choices any longer.

Let today be the day you begin to seek Him in all sincerity and honesty.