Some Will Never Believe

28/12/2014 09:25

Friend, some people will never believe in God.

Their minds and hearts have been stolen by the evil in this world.  They would think not.  Not evil, they think!  To their way of thinking, God does not exist.  They have not seen Him in person.  He has not stood right in front of them, He has not done a miracle that they could witness.

They have been fooled by the teaching of evolution that has been introduced to the world's consciousness by the evil one and his minions. 

They have made the leap of faith to that side but do not believe it to be evil. 

But, friend, evil is good at what is does.  It is a deceiver, that is top priority for their job description and they do it well and celebrate it when another person is deceived.

They in fact believe, we the believers in God are the deceived!

And, friend, without the Holy Spirit, they will not see - so it is the Holy Spirit they deny mostly.  This is the one sin that cannot be forgiven.

So, beware, do not be deceived by satan who says there is no God through his stories of evolution.

Look around you and ask God to show you that He exists.  Have an open mind, ready to receive and recognize the still, small way in which God speaks.

Do not be one who is caught at the end of your life with no belief in God and His Son, Jesus.