08/10/2015 11:04

Friend, are you in sorrow? Do you see the sorrow in the world?

It is constant. More and more so it seems. Everyday the news is full of troubles and sorrow all around the world.

Evil is the author and carrier out of the deeds. It enters our hearts and deceives us into believing it's evil intent is for the best good of the whole world.

We see our young people being taken in and believing. Evil presents it's intentions to them as something worthwhile and keeps them so busy in the carrying out of it's plans that they do not have the time to hear the warnings from the Holy Spirit and God's Holy angels.

It's like their ears are stopped up. The mind cannot comprehend God's Way but seeks after the easy way that will bring their "self" some notoriety.

Jesus has His arms stretched out to these people. He is saying to them, "Turn to Me. See Me and what I have done for you. You can have life eternal. Do not do this deed. My Spirit can heal your spirit. Turn away from evil and become My child."

We bring Him much sorrow when we turn from Him and ignore His Love for us. We have been given free will and we make our own choices many times to our detriment.

When we choose His Will for our lives, we will have inner peace and joy because we are able to understand His Ways.

To choose to run our lives out of His Will is to choose sorrow and sadness in our inner being which gives us a confused mind that easily can be led astray by satan and his demonic army for their own purposes.