Sorrowful Heart

25/07/2015 07:41

Friend, the Lord knows when our hearts are sorrowful.

He promises to lead us through the dark places of sorrow and uncertainty.

The Holy Spirit is here in this world working with the armies of Holy angels to bring us the peace we so desperately need, in times of sorrow and uncertainty.

Allow Him to do the work of God in your life, to lift you up and heal you, to hold your head and give you water that will quench your thirsty soul, and food for your spirit.

God says, "I AM with you always" to the believers. 

 Know it and count on it. 

Let Him go forth before you each day, and follow Him, basking in the Glow; the Light of His Glory and receiving all the blessings that are pouring out of Him.

Do not close yourself off from the multitude of Godly blessings that pour out from the Throne each day. Be in the place to receive them -  faithful and repentant, and loving Him.