Soul Fulfillment

26/01/2015 06:13

Friend, choose the Path of soul fulfillment.

This the Lord's Desire and Will for you.

It is not a heavy burden.  It is the Path of most Beauty, Truth and Wisdom.  The Path of Life Everlasting.

The quality of a servant's heart, humbly attuned to the Master is the Way of least resistance for the soul.

He will take care of you, He will deal gently and treat you with kindness when your heart is attuned to Him - willingly obeying His Word and direction, with gladness.

When we strain at the yoke thinking our way is better or not wanting to accept the new Path, we make problems for our soul and spirit and sometimes the flesh.

He knows the right Way for you.  He sees far ahead.  He sees the end.  He sees all the obstacles the evil one has put in your life and the maze you have walked into and He knows the Way out.

Be faithful to Him.  Wait, and go about your daily business knowing He is working all things together for His Good for you.

Purify your heart and mind from all anger and bitterness towards yourself and others.  Release and forgive at all times.  Do not yearn for the things you have wanted and have not received. 

Let those desires go and be thankful for what little you have and be grateful to Him for life and the knowledge that He loves you and is working a good work in you because now you have found Him - even though He has always been there. 

Now, your eyes are opened and the scales are falling off.

Daily, you see His hand at work in the world.  Look around.  See the beauty in people, nature and all that is in this world and the heavens.

And trust Him!  He loves you!