Speak His Name

15/11/2015 08:35

Friend, God sees us as His children, siblings to His Son Who loves us.

Therefore when we cry out in our afflictions, when all reasoning has left us, when others cannot help us, when we have lost confidence in everything, when our own flesh is not able to withstand, when we are threatened (our livelihood, our sanity,) cry out to the Lord and use His Name.  Jesus.

He will respond according to the fullness of your faith.

So have a Big faith, and a Big belief.

Leave nothing unexamined, be clean before the Lord.

Speak His Name in love and truth and evil will retreat. They will know that you have aligned with the Victor. You will have victory! Say His Name all through the day and before going to bed and when rising in the morning.

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Lord, Lord, Lord, King, King, King, bless me, oh my Lord Jesus!"