Spirit You Are Welcome

27/03/2018 21:40

Friend, we have the blessed assurance that we are redeemed from evil hands, into the Hand of God when we believe and practise our faith.

We also have the wonderful Presence of the Holy Spirit caring for our souls while alive on earth.

What more could we ask for?

There are so many streams of Goodness and Beauty, Truth and Justice, Knowledge and Intuition, Healing and Provision, Life and Peace, Guidance and Friendship available to us flowing constantly from the Throne of God, and through the Holy Spirit Who commands the Holy angels to help us.

Who wouldn't want this outpouring of Love and care for themselves and their loved ones?

It is ours to have when we acknowledge that Father God sent His Only Son, Jesus (English) to pay for our sins because He wanted us to be given the chance to choose Him.

The Time for choosing is in this lifetime. Now!

We must allow our hearts and minds to listen to what God has to say to us.

We must not be afraid to read His Holy Word, The Bible.

After seeking and searching for how ever long we'd like to take, and we come to the conclusion that Holy God is not for us; He will not take us against our will to be with Him.

But He does have a Plan by His Law, that must be carried out for all who will not come freely to Him.

The Bible tells us all we need to know on that subject. (Hell)

It is not pretty nor would anyone desire it.

A place of eternal regret, loneliness, darkness and terror, because His Presence will not be there. We didn't want Him so He leaves us alone. He honours our choice, after trying continually in this life to show us how much he loved us.

He warns us because He doesn't want any of us to go there.

He is willing to forgive all our sins right now wherever we are, if we have a repentant heart, believe in Him and what His Son died for - us; our punishment was heaped upon the Son.

Holy God (Jesus) paid the price for our sin. (Yes, Jesus is God, The Word, Creator.)

Surely we can acknowledge that and lift our hands to God in repentance and begin to see the Great Love He has for us in allowing His Son  (Himself) to be tortured and crucified.

At this Easter time, I hope and pray many who read this will soften their hearts and open their minds to receive Godly Truth; that eyes will be opened to Holy Knowledge, and ears will hear the Voice of God in the pages of His Word.

Adonai. Elohim. Elelyon. El Roi. El Shaddai. Jehovah. Jehovah tsidenu.

Most Holy and Mighty God!