Spiritual Blindness

06/02/2015 13:21

Friend, the Lord is knocking on our heart's door at this very moment!

He waits for your acknowledgement.

To you He has given free-will choice to acknowledge Him or deny Him.

If you have no belief in Him or Almighty God, then the Bible says you are in "spiritual blindness."

Many of us resist knowing or having faith, thinking it will require a change in our lives that we may not like or do not want to entertain. 

We have come to certain beliefs and by golly, they must be correct because we who have a great intelligence, have figured out that there is no god and no good thing would come of believing in something we cannot even see.

He will not give up!  He has left the Holy Spirit for this world to be shown that He exists. The Holy Spirit is urging each one of us in our walk through this fiery furnace called life, to look to Jesus, to see Jesus in everything and to have a positive outlook not a negative one.

Friend, do not resist.  Instead, yield to the Power that loves your soul.  Will it not be kind?  Will it not care for you?  Does it not see your circumstances?  Can it not help?

Friend, could you be wrong in your assumptions?  Could your intentions be good and perfect in your eyes but ultimately, be wrong?  Have you made decisions based on your feelings of abandonment, and anger at your circumstances that may have caused you to be faithless?

Seek to see the invisible.  Seek to be a seeing person in spiritual matters.  Lay down your shield so that Love can speak to you in it's many forms.

Ask for eyes to see.  He has forgiven you if you will accept His forgiveness.

He seeks to rescue you from the bottomless pit of depression and anger and revenge and wrong thinking.

He is Love.  Let there be Love in your life, now!