Spiritual Maturity vs Spiritual Infancy

10/04/2015 11:30

Friend, we must move on from spiritual infancy - growing and growing in our faith and knowledge of who God is and why He has allowed His Son to be a Holy Sacrifice for sinners.

As we grow in the knowledge of God and His Son and the Holy Spirit, we become unbreakable in the spirit and our soul finds a peace and love that it never knew existed.

How do we do this?

First we humble our minds and seek to know Truth.

Then we obtain a Bible which is God's Word.  Holy men studied all the writings and scriptures and texts and guided by the Holy Spirit have put together all the scriptures that pertain to a guide from God for living our lives in order to find God, to know God, to see God in those pages.

God has approved of this Bible because millions have found Him in those pages and have declared to the world in their writings and personal testimonies; that witness about God to individuals ( like this blog, ie.) that God is who He says He is in the pages of His Word, The Bible.

Next we pray and ask God to reveal to us the Truth for us (because we are each at a different place in our belief) as we read His Word.

A good place to begin is the New Testament in the Book of Matthew. But, God may direct your path to the first book, Genesis, or maybe the Book of John.

The Book of Psalms where King David speaks of His love for Almighty God is also a good place to begin.

Just begin to read and pray and trust God. 

Taking care of your soul's needs is of utmost importance.  The peace you will find when you search and find the answers your soul is thirsting for will amaze you. 

Many of us find that long held beliefs are wrong and need to be acknowledged as wrong.  Quickly do this and do not dwell on what was or could have been. 

Just be thankful He has brought you to this new place of knowing Him - and thank Him.