Squandered And Wasted Time

04/12/2014 08:11

Friend, even in our times of self righteousness, we squander and waste the time we have for living close to God.

When we say we know what life is all about but we do not believe that there is a God, or we believe in a false way to finding or pleasing God, we are squandering the time He has given us.

The only one we hurt is self when we do not consider that there is One True God who has designed and created the universe and everything in it.  Every good thing or thought or creative thing we do, is first from Him.

To believe you do it by yourself is arrogant.  Truth is that we sadly get deceived by satan and his demonic army all through our childhood.  Even when brought up by believing Christian parents and influences, we can still be herded into satan's fold by his use of satanic worldly offerings that are disguised as "good"  things that we can indulge in with no bad consequences. 

This is how we squander our time.  We are lured onto certain paths that entertain us and when we do not see the sign the angel holds up with the word "unacceptable" on it, we are on a path that leads nowhere good for us.

I can honestly say I have squandred time in this way so I speak from experience.  I can look back and see the errors I made and how I was lulled into complacency - because I did not give over my whole being to these ways. 

I made the wrong choice.  There is no one to blame but myself.

I urge you to look at your life and ask the Lord to show you how you can stop walking the path that takes you further away from Him.

Isn't it time to stop squandering and wasting time?