Stay Close To Jesus

21/07/2016 11:19

Friend, Jesus loves you.

God, Amazing and Magnificent full of Glory loves you and has made a Way that negates what evil has placed in you if you can turn your head to Him and say you love Him too.

Do you see how little and insignificant your soul truly is?

Or do you see a soul (yourself) as being something that is at the top of the ladder in the whole of humanity?

Is it your estimation; God has created something extra special in you and He will welcome you with open arms when you turn up at the Judgement?

Then, my friend, you have a weak god, a false god, a deceiving god who has deceived you with all the world's rhetoric.

The Bible says that we will be "lovers of selves" rather than lovers of God.

No, God can rightly divide the sheep from the goats!

He has no problem with doing so. He will mete out the proper and rightful punishment to each one of us.

Don't take Him for a fool!

And don't allow yourself to be fooled.

Stand upright before God and repent of foolish thinking.

He is willing to forgive you now.

Tomorrow may be too late.

We do not know our appointed time to depart this physical body.

Each moment is a Gift!

Spend it close to Jesus. He's right beside you, waiting to have a wonderful relationship with you.

It's the one your soul and spirit thirst for that you try to have with the world.

Jesus first, then you cater to the world yielded to His Will.

Be wise, friend. Think on this subject and make the changes necessary to get you under the umbrella of the Son's care and concern for you and never step out from under it