Stay The Course

15/09/2015 14:54

Friend, have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour and begun walking according to His Teachings?

Are you confused by the twists and turns that are taking place in your life?

It's because, Jesus is checking and correcting all the avenues you have wandered down, and is putting up roadblocks because you have given Him the right to return you to His fold.

Friend, let Him, do not strain against the yoke of Kindness and Love He has for you.  He knows the Way out of the issues that are dragging you down into darkness.  You think you know the way out but that is the easy way and you have much to learn along this "about turn" before you get to the main Highway to Heaven where all the multitudes are steadily walking forward, praising and glorifying Him.

You are here in this life and your journey has taken you far afield - off course so to speak. Acquiesce quickly and you will move faster on your journey. Be obedient to the Holy Spirit who works tirelessly with your spirit to teach, guide and direct.

Trust Him and the process, and you will grow in faith.

Abandon all the old thinking and be open to knowing everything that He allows - about Himself, the Son of God.

At all times, read the Bible and get to know what He has to say to you in those pages.

Never doubt the Love He has for you. Always remember He died for you to have this new life which is valued far above all the wealth and jewels of this world.

Stay the course, friend!