Step Into His Will

22/07/2016 09:10

Friend, I hope you have found words of enlightenment, peace, love, and truth, for your life's journey; in these short blogs.

There are no distractions from advertising and you can remain annonymous.

Webnode once gave a statistic for the countries and numbers of people that were reading each day; but that has now been removed and it is only the total number of views per day that are shown to the administrator of this blog.

It was heartening to know the countries - France, Belgium, Russia, Sweden, Italy, China, Japan, USA, Australia, Mexico, and others in smaller numbers. I prayed for those souls after the fact, to know the Lord and understand Who He Is.

If you have landed here and found anything of value, I encourage you to return to read what is essentially my spiritual autobiography, my journey, the truths that I have discovered in God's Holy Bible.

By reading and applying the truths contained in each blog, the reader has the opportunity to jump forward and over stumbling blocks the enemy put in my way. They are the same things he always uses; he just dresses them up a little differently for each individual.

Lust, anger, revenge, remorse, confusion, pride, envy, demonic possession, etc. The devil is a liar and a thief. He comes to rob, steal and destroy us.

But God has all the answers. 

My life lessons can help you overcome in a much quicker timeframe, grow spiritually and step into the blessings that come from walking in His Will.

What has taken me a lifetime to get right, may enable you to understand in much less time.

There are over 640 blog entries that do not have to be read consecutively. They are just small excerpts from a heart that wants to share with others the perfection of God.