Sticking Points In The Bible

04/03/2016 09:48

Friend, only the Holy Spirit can help us to understand the sticking points, that many of us cannot get past, in the Bible.

We must remember first, there was and is God. Everything came after that.

So many people are afraid of believing; just having faith without knowing all the ins and outs of what God has revealed to us in the Bible. We are just infants; needing to be milk fed but wanting the meat when we have no teeth to chew! We would choke on the meat if it was given to us!

It is impossible to know all! God is All Knowing and we are not capable of being God.

It's that simple. We should bring ourselves down off the high horse and humble our minds so they can hear what God is saying to us.

If you have a faith where you can tie up all the ends in a neat bow and sit back and believe then I say to you, that you have a counterfeit belief set up by satan who is the great copier of all God does. He'll give you all the wrong answers that will lead you so far away from Truth that you'll be consumed and happy in your unbelief for your whole lifetime; thinking you have found a secret way, the real deal.

God tells us - in the Bible -  that we cannot know everything while we are alive on this eartth. It is for His Purposes that it is this way. He lays it out for us and it's available to everyone, it's not a secret. His Son was the Blood Sacrifice for our sins and through His Resurrection He is able to save us.

He wants us to have that sure faith in Him that He is Good, the Truth and Light and Love that we need.

When we take that leap of faith, child-like, believing in His Goodness, we are rewarded with the Holy Spirit who then guides and directs our lives into a full and loving relationship with Jesus, the Son.

Our faith grows inside us as a "spiritual knowing" that we cannot deny. God through the Holy Spirit gives us insight when we have questions, and will reveal all we need, that will satisfy our need to know.

Recently I saw a post about the Blood Sacrifice; which is Jesus on the Cross. It used as it's argument earlier times when blood sacrifices were used by man. To this post that was all the proof needed that man was the first to use the blood sacrifice and therefore God was the copier and the Blood Sacrifice of Jesus meant nothing!

No, God was the first to call for a Blood Sacrifice in Heaven and satan was the copier who put it in man's head to carry out in ancient times.

The first blood sacrifice was an animal sacrificed for the hide, to be a covering for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Satan had seen God carry out the first blood sacrifice for the covering of Adam and Eve - he must have been impressed. But, satan was not privy to Jesus answering the call to be the Perfect Lamb Sacrifice because he had been banished to earth. God outsmarted satan in this instance.

Next, Jesus answered that call to be the Blood Sacrifice for man's sins.

Jesus on the Cross, said, "It is finished."

Now, God says there is no more Sacrifice no matter what you hear.

Always, God is the first where Goodness and Law is concerned.

Satan was the first to turn God's Goodness and Law into evil.

He is adept at doing so and when we align our hearts and mind with that of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit we can see clearly that those arguments are false that try to disprove the Kingship and Godhead of Jesus.

There are many passages and writings in the Bible that people get caught up in. That is because they do not have an inquiring mind that is seeking to find Truth. They have an accusing mind that is seeking to disprove.

God allows them to have their day. And God allows those of us who are exhausted and wish to really know Truth to have it, and in full measure.

As a Christian, we need to be at a place where when we see something written or on television or movies portrayed as a "dig" against our faith and beliefs, that we are not humiliated or angry or confused, but are confident that the Spirit will give us the answer if we turn to Him and express our confusion.

"Father, help me in mine unbelief to understand."

He will.