Stretch Your Faith

21/12/2015 09:38

Friend, let today be the day you stretch your faith even more.

Wherever you are in your walk with the Lord; begin to stretch your faith!

Test and see that the Lord, He is Good!

Believe that one thing that you have not been able to believe previously.

Don't let the world choke you.

Sit before the Lord, and tell Him that you do believe that one thing; ask for His help in believing.

Let the doubts and fears step aside, take a leap of faith. Say that little prayer and let it grow into strong prayer filled with affirmations of your new knowledge of Who He Is.

The Lord's heart is open towards you when you pray and believe in this way - boldly!

We limit Him in our lives when we are afraid to believe, or in fear that He will not be good to us - because we know we are a sinner and are undeserving.

He knows that. He sees that. But, friend, He loves you and wants you to make a move. Take that leap of faith and stretch your faith wings and fly with Him.

Ask Him for the big faith that will move mountains and be ready to guard it with all your heart and mind against the devil and his wily ways, and you will be glad you have placed your faith and trust in the One Who is above all things.

And meditate on the birth of Christ.  Why was it necessary? Why would God come to be with us in this way?

Ask God to help you with your understanding of this Plan of the Father.

In this way also, you will stretch your faith.