Strong Tower

05/07/2015 10:19

Friend, our Lord is a Strong Tower to which we can run for safety or where we can live in safety.

The Strong Tower is not only a safe haven for us, but allows us to grow and run freely within the enclosure that is limitless, yet provides walls which cannot be breached by the enemy.

God's ministering angels are on constant duty to protect us from harm. we can walk freely wherever we go knowing they are our constant protectors, so long as we are constant with our Lord.

Our free will allows us to step out of the covering of the ministering holy angels and walk on our own and those angels, have to let us wander.  We break their power to protect us when we step free from Jesus.

Friend, stay in the Will of God and receive the protection, guidance and love of the Lord. Follow the Path He has laid for you and know that He "has your back."

Live, love and laugh because of the Love of God for you.  You have been set aside to be a son or daughter of the Kingdom, an heir with Christ Jesus!

Just trust Him.