28/05/2016 08:52

Friend, we must get rid of the strongholds that keep us from having all that God wants to bless us with.

Sometimes the strongholds are our inner thoughts pertaining to how we perceive who we are.

Evil loves to keep us held back and down by words.

"I cannot, I never will, No-one loves me, No -one understands me, I am a failure, I cannot," these are some of the words we use against ourselves.

But, God says we can do all things through Him.

He does not lie.

Evil will hold you back, but God is always asking you to walk forward in His Love and with His Guidance to conquer all your fears.

God won't ask you to do something for Him that He has not prepared a Way for you, so it is important not to rush forward and "do" things without Him making the Way clear.

Everything by prayer and supplication to His Will.

Waiting on Him is vital for spiritual progression up the mountain.

Resting in Him with our thoughts meditating on Who God is, will have the desired results; answers will be revealed.

Prayer and daily communion with Him regarding all areas of your life will draw you closer to Him and He will reveal things to you that are what your heart desires.

The Father is delighted to help His children and when He feels your love, He reciprocates in the purest form, that of a Loving Father.