Stunted Growth

17/07/2016 11:36

Friend, the Lord is calling you to know more of Him; to grow in spiritual knowledge.

We all experience stunted growth; we love it when we find something spiritual that speaks to us in a great and mighty way. We then stand on that knowledge and think it is the be all and end all of our spiritual existence.

But that would be wrong. God requires we journey with Him until the end of our life when we will step into Eternity according to His Plan for us.

We shouldn't be happy with being a baby Christian; only capable of hearing and digesting the milk of the Gospel when it has great meaty parts that we are asked to consume.

God is so Magnificnet and Amazing that He can keep us entertained all throughout this lifetime, with interesting facts about His Character, His Promises, His Plans, His Son, His Holy Spirit, His Law, His Creation, His Love and so much more.

If you are scientifically minded, He has much Knowledge to impart to you. If you love to create, He wants to join you and commune with you as you create. He can show the lawyer how pure the Law can be; the Mathematician, Scientist, Philosopher, the Perfection of their chosen pursuits.. He has much to show each one of us.

Everything good you have done to date, He has been a part of. Can you grasp that it was not you, but He that was the core of that good thing?

Don't let your growth in the Lord be stunted. Open up your heart to the Word of God and allow Him to be your Master; you the apprentice.

You will gain much, my friend.