Take A Breath

18/04/2016 19:02

Friend, throughout this blog the mention of meditation is sprinkled like sugar crystals on candy.

It's such an important necessity for our lives, to take some time for thinking, for resting from the busyness of life.

Our mind is such that it is always busy. We are made in God's image this way.

He says through the Bible that He is available to us at all times; so we can meditate upon Him, at any time of the day or night and He will be there to answer, help, advise, enlighten, and encourage.

He loves to be in our thoughts. He comes alive to us in them.

Set aside some time to take a breath, free from the busyness and allow the Lord to be a partaker with you, of one on One communion.

Know that He is full of Power in all things.

Place yourself where you see your soul, unbeliever, believer, not sure, haven't felt Him yet,  and address the thoughts you have about God, to Him.

He may show you your true status; wouldn't that be good to know?

It's a wonderful place to start a journey into spiritual knowledge of yourself and how to grow spiritually to have peace and life and joy.

And no human is leading you. It's just you and God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

How amazing that They would take the time to be available to you!

It's up to you to take that breather. Your choice.