Teacher, Prophet, God?

06/11/2015 21:39

Friend, we have all heard Jesus referred to as a great teacher.

Others say he was a prophet.

Most will deny he is God.

But to receive Salvation this is someting we must think long and hard about in a meditative way.

Yes, He is a Teacher. Notice the Capitals? (denotes Lordship)

Yes, he is a Prophet. A Godly one.

As a man He came to teach us and prophesy, about His Kingship and about His return.

But when He ascended to Heaven in the presence of many witnesses, He sat at the right hand of the Father and joined the Father as the Word, as God, retaining his experience as a man.

He speaks and creates, ( through speaking.) This is how He commanded the world into existence.

He tells us in the Bible that He is God. That He is Creator of all things and that He is Light and there is no darkness in Him, so He is not a blend of Goodness and evil.

He is not just a teacher, but He is Teacher and He is not just a prophet but He prophesied many things in His Word the Bible and they have come true.  Some are in the future and look to be unfolding in worldy affairs at this time - so we may live to see those prophesies come true also.

Men of old did see His prophesies come ture. His birth and death and resurrection being just three of them.

You cannot be a believer in God Almighty without acknowledging His Son. His Word says so.

This is the one thing that always got me when I read other religious material.

It is the difference and we will accept it to be a truth, when we seek His answers on this subject.

It is very freeing for the mind to accept and believe this, because many things just fall into place and the wonder of that happening in a life is something awesome to receive.

In this evil world there are many who claim to be God or Jesus but they are imposters and charlatans and fools, seeking to distract us from the real thing - even some who live a pure (to the outside world) existence - but God sees the heart and cannot be fooled (and will not be mocked.)

Jesus has stated in His Holy Word how He will return. We will all see Him. Certain Biblical Prophecies must happen in a certain sequence before He returns in great Glory with the saints ( the Redeemed/Forgiven/Saved) so He tells us to be alive and awake and aware - and when we see these things come to pass, to look up for our redemption is soon to be.

Will you be one of those who knows Him and sees the things happening like the watchman on the wall and is able to speak to those you love and others who are in distress about Him?

Teacher, Prophet or God?

Which is He to you?

Now is the day to choose or to begin to seek the answer.

Do not delay, friend!