Tender Heart

28/12/2015 12:01

Friend, the Lord requires we have a tender heart.

The hard-heartedness within us is a barrier that the Lord asks us to breakdown.

The damage we have done to our hearts must be undone.

Where we have built walls and fortresses to keep us from being hurt, we must begin to trust our Saviour to work with us and to lead the Way out of the maze of bad memories and depression, and untruths that we have allowed to become part of our soul's baggage.

These things have made us emotionally and physically sick.

The Lord is asking us everyday for access to these areas within us so He can calm us, apply the healing balm and renew our minds and hearts.

Sinfulness hardens our hearts also and we are wise to begin to recognize when the Holy Spirit convicts us that something we are contemplating doing, is sinful.

We love to harden our lovely soul and spirit with the hard shell of sin. Layers and layers we allow as we go deeper into the madness of the sins we engage in.

We are wise to remember He is with us and will walk us through the pain of cutting off the sin and hacking away at the hard shell to expose our spirit to the fresh rain of our Lord's Love for us.

Make it a plan to be open to His Lead and follow Him like a child - open to the new experience of higher spirituality.

This will expose a tender heart. One the Lord will be pleased to have a relationship with.