Test The Insights

20/05/2015 10:13

Friend, it is wise to test the insights we get to see if they line up with God's Word.

This is why it is necessary to know God's Word, the Holy Bible; to have read all the words of Jesus and the prophets and disciples and apostles.

In those chapters and verses are our answers for life.

When we hear or see something with our mind's eye we must check to see if it is Godly or from the pit of hell, disguised as Godly.

When it is something we want to hear, we must be especially careful as we could be led down a path of unrighteousness, thinking it is the Path of Righteousness.

Many could the years be that we tread that path thinking it is righteous; following our own ungodly insights; allowing ourselves to be fooled, lied to and corrupted by evil.

When we take those paths, God does through the Spirit, never stop prodding us away from the danger, but sadly, we will in our own righteousness, continue on.

Be the friend of Jesus who says, "Yes, Master, Your Way, not mine. According to Your Will always, Lord."