Tests, they are for us!

12/08/2014 13:40

Friend, is your faith in God and Godly beliefs constantly being tested?

Don't worry.  Stay the course.  The devil is allowed to try us.  We will experience persecutions and tribulations.  But let your faith be the Rock you stand on and let God's Word be the food and water that sustains you.

Rebuke the devil and he will flee.  Get used to rebuking him.  Look to Jesus the author and finisher of your faith.

No-one will ever love us more than Jesus.  He will get you through your troubles.  Praise Him at all times.  Let heart and mind be filled with praise for Him all day.  Let Jesus the lover of your soul be the first you think about when you awake and the last before you sleep.

Your journey is unique to you because your place in this world is unique to you.