That One Sin

10/05/2016 21:12

Friend, are you desiring to be admitted to the Kingdom of God and finding it difficult?

Is everything you do or think an obstacle because you cannot seem to stay focused, and make your new knowledge the driver of your soul's new path to Freedom in Christ?

John Bunyan a great writer who wrote The Pilgrim's Progress, describes it as a "sinking". He says he felt he was always "sinking".

He saw others around him as being way more stable in their lives and faith than himself, and it caused him great concern for his own saved state that he so desired to have a firm hold of.

He recognized himself as a wretch; so profoundly a sinner striving minute by minute to stay the course with the Lord Jesus.

One day in despair and about to give up all hope and return to his evil ways, he heard a voice within clearly speak to him, "This sin is not unto death."

This would be the second death when all who have rejected Jesus (as the Son of God and therefore the Word of God, Holy Spiit, and God), as the Bible states, will receive their just punishment; eternal death, removed from the presence of God and living in Hell which has been prepared for them.

Bunyan was so overwhelmed by these words that came to him as Truth and Peace for his soul; the timing being of so great in importance to him, that he had no doubt that God was not condemning him, as he himself had been condemning his sinful infractions of the Law.

He now saw that he could approach Jesus in a different manner. That of Saviour who would forgive Him, time and time again if he was repentant and humble.     

Friend, the sin that cannot be forgiven is the denial of the Lord Jesus when God has a Plan for you to become a child of His in the Kingdom and you will not listen or learn of His Son whom He sent to die on your behalf, to have your sins forgiven.

He knows after we receive forgiveness that we are a work in progress, and we are in need of guidance and forgiveness for the slip-ups we make. As long as we repent and recognize our sin we will be forgiven for those new sins as well.

It's when we stop and say "To hell with this, I'm not walking this Path any longer" that God is pushed away from us, by our own free will choice.

So friend, don't be too hard on yourself. Christ died for your sins before you received Salvation and for those in the future, that are not wilful and habitual but slipups and regrettable in nature.

Consider yourself on a par with other believers who are climbing up the mountain to reach God, learning as they go along to be humble, contrite and joyful because of the great Sacrifice of our Lord for our souls to be redeemed from the clutches of evil.

Friend, listen for that still small voice within and be overjoyed for the Love and Mercy that has been shown to you by the One who holds your future in His hands..