The Ability To Understand

22/10/2016 20:36

Friend, have you accepted the ability to understand from God?

It is a Gift waiting for you if you have not received it yet.

These blog posts are only understandable to people who have the ability to understand.

And, that is a Gift from Holy God.

When your eyes are opened and your ears are unstopped, you will see in a new Light and hear with new ears, words of the utmost importance to your soul.

We must unwrap this Beautiful Gift sometime in our lives here on earth.

We will regret terribly if when we get to the Judgement only to find our Gift unwrapped, still waiting, but now not able to be claimed by us.

Now, is the time to at least consider your Gift. 

Or, be bold and gladly claim it!

Those of us who have opened the Gift are thankful every day for the ability to understand Heavenly things.