The Anxiety Of Life

09/04/2016 21:21

Friend, do you suffer from anxiety?

Generally there is nothing to be anxious about yet many of us suffer anxiety. We can't explain it. Seems to be a general anxiety that pervades our whole life.

God knows what it is. He is waiting for you to hand over all your anxiety to Him. To trust Him because He is Trustworthy.

He is worthy of your trust.

To not know God in such a way, allows anxiety to rise up within and begin to seep into every area of our lives until we become boxed in and unable to breathe, influenced by evil and it's earthly forces which seek to destroy us while in a vulnerable state of mind.

To releive yourself from anxiety that comes from the pit of hell, you will need to place belief and trust in God and His Son.

Jesus will see to it that anxiety is relieved and done away with over time. Some people who wholeheartedly believe from their conversion, do receive instant healing of this malady, but others whose faith is less, will struggle until they fully release themselves to loving Jesus.

When you get Who He is, and what He can do, then you know that your anxiety will be replaced by faith in God the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son who will fill you with new knowledge of the world and the afterlife that remove the need for your old self to have anxiety.

Everything is made new by the renewing of your mind and heart, and the renewal of the mind and heart does not allow for anxiety to flourish.

We can move forward boldly on the Path to Heaven knowing our Father is with us and loves us, and will cause all things to come together for His Good (which is according to His Will.)

Just tell God you believe in Him and love His Son, Jesus, and ask for the anxiety to be replaced with love and knowledge of spiritual matters.

Where else would you want to be but surrendered to a Holy and Loving God who has your best interests at heart and is able to bring about Vicotry for you when you are humbled and willing to be His?