The Battle

07/04/2016 21:33

Friend, Jesus is walking before you into your daily battles.

Evil is your foe. Demonic forces use people and worldly things to keep your head turned towards them and not God.

We must learn to differentiate between what God says is allowed and what evil tells us is allowed!

The Bible is the place to learn what God has to say about following Him.

Have you decided that you want Pure Love or pure evil?

We make a choice whether we think so or not. If we do not choose God and His Son, Jesus like He lays out for us in the Bible, then He says we have chosen to follow after evil and it's master, satan; God's adversary.

But, friend, God, being God, is going to win the war.

Satan has already been sentenced and He is undergoing part of his sentence right here on earth and in the air around us.

God's Word, the Bible tells us this.

For whatever reason that is Perfect to God, we are born into this evil infected world.

It is for His Purposes that we are given this blessing of a life here.

When we align ourselves, body mind and spirit with God and turn away from the evil one's advances, we can have a different life. The struggles will still be there, but God is also there and He will show us the way to overcome evil.

He perfects us for His Purposes in this world and in the afterlife with Him.

He has big plans for us!

His heart and our hearts must be joined in perfect unison of Love!

Yesterday I got some not so good health news but when I got back to my car, I sat and praised Him because it is a new journey that He wants me to take and I am willing.

Evil would like to destroy the life I have, but God will make something better of it because of my willingness to obey and praise him in the valley, not just the mountaintop experiences.

God is Sovereign and I do not need to be worried about myself.

Nor do you when you have given your self to Him.