The Beauty Of Hope

09/06/2015 09:58

Friend, God calls us to have Hope in our hearts at all times.

Hope in His Goodness will see us through every day.  Knowing that He loves us and is walking with us through any trial or trouble will get us through it with Hope in our heart. 

Keep faithful and ever looking to Him for guidance and being open to learn Godly facts for the renewing of our minds.  This is Hope.

Hope is a beautiful thing. It fills the soul and spirit of man and shines a Light that heals and lightens our load.

Hope makes the journey through life more enjoyable.  It casts out fear and doubt, it keeps us focused on the Spiritual Path to Jesus.

My Hope Road always has a Golden Cross up ahead shining brightly to remind me I am on the correct Path to God.

If that light gets dim or is gone then I know the path I have chosen is incorrect - and I can easily jump back onto the right Path.  A quick prayer to ask for forgiveness and a spoken word of praise to my Lord will put my feet back where they should be and I can continue on in Hope once again.

Do you have a restless spirit, or do you feel a disturbance in your soul that keeps you from having Hope in God as your Lord? Do as I have done and correct that quickly so that Hope once again flows into your soul and spirit.

Hope brings a calmness and a peaceful feeling to the soul.  It looks to the future and does not consider the past.

It is a Gift from God and we all are allowed to have it. 

Choose to have Hope in Jesus who died to save you from the hopeless life of a continual and habitual sinner who has no Hope. 

We alone have the power to diminish Hope in our lives.  God never removes Hope from us.  We are our own worst enemy in this.  We make evil choices and this dims the light of Hope in our soul, but at any time when we become aware of what has happened, we can choose Hope once again to Light our soul and spirit.