The Bible - Petals of Wisdom, Love, Truth, Power

25/01/2015 21:55

Friend, are you reading your Bible?

Have you found the petals from the sweet smelling flower of Wisdom, Truth, Love and Power that flow from the pages into your heart and mind?

The scent will carry you through the day.  The effects of the messages are so powerful that they engage the mind and empower the heart.

The Beauty that is God Almighty is revealed to you as the petals of wisdom fall on you.  His Goodness is so Magnificent that we begin to see the world in a different way.

The scales fall off our eyes and we see with a new knowledge that God's hand is at work in the world.  It is beyond explanation, yet we know and we feel it.

Are you there friend?  I surely hope so.  God desires this state of being for you and so do I.  Bless you as you seek and search and find!

In Jesus's Mighty Name above all names. Amen