The Bible - Recommended Reading

30/09/2014 10:04

A pure heart will find Truth.

A childlike faith will find Truth.

Come to the reading of God's Holy Word like a child with a pure heart.  Put aside your preconceived notions of the Holy Bible and be open to hearing God speak to you through His Word.

The Truth in it will convict and renew you if you allow it to.

If you don't have a Bible, then it can be found online or in second hand shops, usually free or very inexpensive.

As you begin to understand it, more will be revealed to you and perhaps you will be directed to a different translation as your faith and knowledge grows.  Be open to these new pathways, change course where directed. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are leading you the Way you should go. It does not have to be read from Genesis to Revelation but you can start anywhere and skip forward or backward at any time, even in the middle of one of the books.

Your spirit will recognize Truth when it hears or sees it written or spoken.

My friend, get a Bible as soon as you can and begin to read the New Testament.  It has so much to nourish our soul and awaken our spirit.  It is like tasty food and pure thirst-quenching water.

If you come across something you don't understand, just keep reading - it's meaning will be revealed to you at the perfect time.  The Bible has layers and layers of meaning for each individual at every stage of their growth in spirit.

As you find verses of Perfect Wisdom and Truth repeat them and carry them with you as your "word" for the day or week as you recall them and meditate on them throughout this time.  You will come to know Him in a very different way.

The Holy Bible is definetly recommended reading!