The Bible

23/05/2015 10:15

Friend, if you are to grow as a child of God you must know His Word.

His Word is contained in the Holy Bible.

If you do not have one and you live in a country where it is legal to own one, you must obtain one and begin to read and learn what God has written there for you. (Thrift stores, have them sometimes for free)

If you do not live in a country where you can legally obtain a Bible, this site will continue to post scripture verses for all, and write about what God has to say in the Bible. For you, it is imperative that you cherish the words and keep them hidden in your heart and mind.

For me, the Bible is the following:-

My Friend

My Guidebook for life

My Troubleshooter in times of trial and trouble

My weapon against enemies

Food for my spirit

Water for my soul

My place where I find stability and security

God's Love letter to me - His explanation of all I need to know in this life

The corrector of my faults - where I find Truths

Teacher of how to pray, praise, worship, speak and think


I'm sure if you read His Word, you will find these things and more.

Come out of the darkness and into the Light and find Hope for your soul, and true Joy which is an inner happiness that cannot be taken away by any bad result that the world throws at you.

Let the Lord guide you through His Word.  Listen for Him to show you what He has for you in the pages of the Bible, my friend!