The Big Picture

16/08/2016 20:42

Friend, do you believe you see the big picture? Or do you consider only small pictures, one subject at a time? 

Have you realized that all those small pictures make up a really humongous big picture?

Today in this world climate it is hard to keep pace with all the small pictures that are emblazoned on our television screens, newspapers and social media.

Some of those issues are: religion, inequality, racial, illness, poverty, climate, government, family, borders, war, the list goes on and on, and each issue has many sub issues attached to them. Agreed?

To consider the Big Picture seems too overwhelming and satan likes it that way.

The evil one has the power to manipulate our minds into thinking that we must consider all the small pictures of his making, and then,  we will eventually solve the Big Picture. But in so doing, he keeps us occupied for all the days of our lives following his deceitful yet to us, "great findings of universal knowledge" and we can never come to any realization of the Big Picture! The Godly One.

What is the Big Picture?  It is God's Benevolence towards us.It is Eternity from God's Perspective.

Well, yes of course, satan would not want us to consider that Big Picture!

We'd finally understand God and His Workings, His Truth, His Love and Wisdom.

Satan can't have that!

He's worked hard over the centuries, but especially in this last century where education has covered more of the masses, to manipulate minds into thinking his way. His theories are taught in universities and colleges throughout the world and many go forth from those institutions to teach evil unknowingly, and write the deceitful untruths they have ingested, and are now passionate about, infecting millions with unrighteous thinking processes.

Evil's way is a small way of thinking and panders to our rebellious desires to contradict God at every turn.

God says we are sinners and evil says we are all good, and we just make mistakes.

God offers Forgiveness and Eternal Life with Him and satan offers Hell, and all it's hellish (the absence of all Goodness) accoutrements.

Ask yourself, "Am I a Big Picture thinker or am I a small picture thinker?"

Take some time to let this question seep into your soul. Allow it to surface whenever you have an opinion.

Ask yourself at these times "Am I a Big Picture thinker, or little picture thinker?"

Let your soul know you want to think about the Big Picture in all your decisions.

Rise above, friend, and walk and talk with God Almighty, daily..

He's standing by, ready to listen to you.  Begin that conversation, friend!

He will lead you back down the evil road you have been lost on - even though you don't realize it is evil or you are lost, to the Path of Righteousness and teach you great things that will set you on a Firm Foundation of Faith and Knowledge, Truth and Love..