The Blood Of Jesus

02/07/2020 21:22

Friend, the Blood of Jesus is extremely important to mankind.

God shows us that He was willing to shed His, Only Begotten (of Him,) Son's Precious Blood, to cover the sins of all those who would love God.

Jesus is The Son, of God The Father, yet is also God, because God is what is called a Trinity; Father, Son and Spirit. 

These Three are One God.

Yes, Jesus therefore is God; which only Christians believe, because it is proven by the Words of Jesus in the written accounts of the Disciples. Also the Prophets of God; those men whom God had a relationship with; who believed in Him; who sought after His Wisdom; who loved Him as Creator and the Maker and Upholder of The Law of all things; these men prophesied many things about God and His Son.

He is the One Who, The Father said, "This is My Beloved Son."

Luke 9:35 And there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, "This is My Beloved Son: hear Him." 

This was The Father speaking to Peter, John and James, who Jesus had taken with Him up a mountain to pray.

As Jesus was praying the disciples observed that His countenance (face) and clothing was shining.

The disciples saw two men speaking to Jesus, who they came to realize were Moses and Elias who spoke of the death of Jesus to come in Jerusalem.

These first hand recollections have been recorded for our edification. 

Even though they seem outlandish, they are witnesses to something amazing, and their lives from this time on are worth scrutiny by us, to see if they are to be believed. 

Many studies have been done through the ages; or we can do our own research.

This incident on the mountain suggests, the Father's Plan was kicking up a gear, and the Ministry of Jesus was coming to an end. He was going to fulfill the Father's Plan and fulfill the Law.

The Holy Blood was going to be shed for all mankind's sins; past, present and future!

None other would do. A sinner's blood can never pay for another sinner's crime in The Law of God.

The Blood would satisfy the Law of God which is unchanging.

There is Punishment for sin. There is a Court of Heaven. There will be a Judgement Day. There will be a White Throne Judgement for Christians.

Everyone is going to be judged.

A Punishment has been set forth for Satan. He is at the moment just using up his allotted time and the beginning of the end is close at hand for him.

Remembering one day in Heaven is a thousand days here on earth; as the Bible explains. We do not know the exact day but we have been given many prophecies and signs of the times when the end will come that ushers in the Judgement.

But Christians have a Good God. 

His Plan is Perfect and takes into consideration by His Law every aspect of our lives; each one of us.

The unbeliever in this life, is left in the darkness until he/she decides they don't like it there anymore. 

When they seek the Light of the world, Jesus, they receive the measure of their faith, back in Love.  

Small love, some kept and metered out to God when favors are given, won't receive much back though. 

It's not that God is unloving, it's that His Purity/Holiness, Is far-reaching encompassing His Whole Being and half-hearted expressions can't get close to Him. 

He's the Great One of all creation not the weak parent of mankind living on this earth. Our lies and cajoling won't get us anywhere at the Judgement.

He sees right into our heart and mind, exposing the marrow from the meat and bone!

One must dive in and truly Love Him; swim in the ocean of Who He Is; Love in it's purest form.

God's Mercy, Love and Grace are unending to those who love Him and obey, unconditionally.

He gave us the Ten Commandments; which are still The Law today, that must be obeyed.

God is after red-hot believers to do red-hot things with Him.

People who love Him are thankful for the Blood shed for them. 

They love Jesus for sacrificing His Life for them to have abundant life on earth and life eternal after this life.

This is what God wants from us. To know His Son, to love His Son, to follow His Son, to be thankful and grateful for the Blood shed and to testify to the unbelievers of their need for Him; as God does not want one soul to perish; even though many have and many more will sadly. They perish because He has given them the Gift of Free Will, and they have used it unwisely. 

He is not a dictator.

Many choose to believe in themselves. They think their goodness will suffice a pure God's Justice. Others believe that God does not exist, believing mankind has all the answers for himself. Others are lazy; thinking they will eat drink and be merry till the last minute then cry out to God whom they have rejected; expecting Him to rescue them after a life of ignoring Him.

He warns us in His Word, He does not and cannot accept this soul.

He has a High Purpose and if we cannot see that then what good are we?

We will have had our chance. A lifetime here to figure it out.

Time to wake up.

The Blood is everything.