The Central Truths

21/05/2015 14:28

Friend, our struggles are never over but we must keep close to the central truths we have learned from the Holy Spirit, in order to be protected, and guided through the maze of madness that surrounds us.

Let the world continue on it's evil path, while you do all the Spirit directs us to do, clinging to the Central Truths of God's Holy Word.

Temptation should be managed and controlled by the help of the Spirit. Be willing to commit to removing  and rejecting sinful thoughts, and actions of both the mind and body. 

Find the deep well of forgiveness that God has and plunge in and be forgiven; rise up and be cleansed and sin no more. This is the directive that Jesus gave to the woman at the well when she realized that He was Christ.

When we recognize Who He Is, we need to accept forgiveness and sin no more. It is possible to daily; commit to removing sin from the life, hour by hour and in even smaller increments.  Just make the effort and with God, you will overcome.

Be encouraged!  You and the Spirit will change your life for the better.  It's all between you and God.  No other human can say or do anything other than to encourage and uplift you in the faith through prayer and Godly scripture words, to help you.

If you wait for someone else to change or be saved through Jesus you may miss your own salvation and the redeeming work that Jesus has in store for you.

Jesus wishes to share with you His Love.  There are so many ways He can do this and it is different for each one of us - especially tailored to your needs, it will fit you like a glove of new glorious skin.  You will be a new creature.

You will know it and God and Heaven will see it.  Some people may recognize that you have changed but some will not.  It doesn't matter.  It's between you and Jesus and the Spirit of God.