The Choice Is Yours

21/07/2015 05:28

Friend, have you made the choice to follow God's Son -Jesus?

Hopefully so!

If not, why?

This is your eternal question. 

Set out all your reasons now.  God knows they are many; your reasons for denying Him.

Write them down, or speak them out.  Have a dialogue with self about them and let them breathe.  Don't hold them so close to your heart and mind.

Perhaps there is no God because you were treated badly as a child?

Or maybe you pray for things and never get them?

Put all your arguments forth.  Let the universe know.

But friend, keep this to yourself.  Don't cause further damage to your soul by getting other innocents involved just yet. 

A day may come when you will be fully enlightened and meet these innocents again and see the damage you did. They will be accounted to you.

Let your search for the Truth be done with a pure heart and mind. Put aside all anger and malice and open your heart to knowing Truth.

Then you can make a good choice for your soul and spirit.

The choice is ours to make and we have this short lifetime in which to choose the way we will go.

Everyday you are at the crossroads.  Choose today the way or The Way to eternal life.