The Cross- A Reason

05/09/2015 12:14

Friend, when you look at the Cross that Jesus was crucified upon, now empty, do you see the reason behind it's significance?

God had a purpose when He sent His own Son to be brutally beaten and nailed to the criminal's cross.

Did God want His Son to suffer? The answer is "no."

God has choices, but He always chooses for the Good of Who He Is.

He created our souls. He created our world.

He cleansed it one time in the Flood. He could choose to do so again and all Heaven would see the wisdom in doing so.

Not a one of us is really worth saving. This is how the citizens of Heaven see us. We're so corrupt, lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, accusing, lovers of self and not God.

The reason behind God's purpose is that Jesus, The Word of God, is our Creator and He stepped forward when God The Father was looking for "someone" to pay the price - be a sacrifice for the sins of all humanity.

Only the Son stepped forward. In other words, God Himself, stepped forward and said, "It must be this way."

Each soul is important to God. He did not like the Flood.

Friend, we are in perilous times, very similar to the times of the Flood. 

Jesus will come again but He will not enter our world as a babe and spend 33 years here walking among us and being an example to us of God's Love.

No, what He accomplished on the Cross as a Sacrifice for our sins changed the Law of God.

He added to the Law, and fulfilled the Law at the same time.

This time He will come as a Conquering Hero, wearing the Victor's Robes.

There was a reason for the Cross and it was to make a Way for all  who would believe, to have a future in Paradise. It is the Last Frontier, don't look back and find other ways - they are traps to keep you from God's Purpose, set by satan.

Before the Cross, Heaven was only for the Israelites (children of the Book), who believed in Almighty God and obeyed the Ten Commandments. And outsiders could convert to Judaism, and whole households could be saved according to the master of the house's belief.

But, Jesus died showing us that He says our souls were worth saving. All who believe in Him and what He did on the Cross ( His Sacrifice), have this right of being Redeemed, before the Great Throne of Judgment.

I know that He will say about me, "This one is Mine, Father."

Yet, I am not worthy - it is His Worthiness and Righteousness, and Blood shed at Calvary, that covers my unworthiness.

This "excuse" the Father will accept. No other will He accept, from those of us who have lived since the Son's Sacrifice. We are judged under the New Testament Law which includes the Old Testament Law.

This is the reason for the Cross, and the suffering of my Saviour. He loves my soul, His creation, and has pardoned me because I love Him and understand what He did for me.

I give thanks for His Mercy and Grace towards me, a sinner now forgiven.

This time now, is our last little bit of time to make a choice before He returns - according to the book of Revelation. 

Will He say about you, " Father, this one I know, this one is Mine."

Or will He say about you, " I did not know this one," or "This one made a false declaration of love, but I did not know them" or "This one belongs to satan because they denied Father, Son and Holy Spirit and ran after all the ways of satan.?"