The Cross Leads the Way

14/08/2014 10:05

The Cross leads the Way onto the Path of Love.

Jehovah, Lord of All chose the Cross as the means for His Perfect Plan to be fulfilled.

It was a despised thing.  No Conquering King would hang on a cross, yet the Conquering King of this whole world did.  He did it as a humble servant to God.  He did it as the Son of God, yet suffered as a man for the purposes of God.

Friend when you understand the whole meaning of the Cross then you are on the correct path.

If you see Jesus as someone in need of your sympathy, you have missed the "key" to understanding.

If you see Jesus as a prophet, a good man, a teacher, anything other than the Lamb of God sacrificed as a blood payment for the sins of man then you have missed the "key" also.

It's imperative for your eternal life that you "get" the Cross and Plan of Almighty God.

When you do understand you will see many things!

Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb. Revelation 19:9