The Cross

20/11/2015 09:09

Friend, the Cross of Calvary is where God outsmarted, outwitted and outmanoeuvred the prince of this world who convinced the demons he had all the power to get rid of the new King.

Satan and his followers did all they could and were celebrating their victory while Christ hung on the Cross.

But, God had other plans. He allowed His Own Son to suffer the indignities, the hatred, the physical torment so that He could use the Cross as a conversion tool until the end of this earth for souls, such as us. And Jesus agreed to do this before He left Heaven to come to earth as a babe. His love for all of us combined with love for the Father Godhead and His love for all the Kingdom of God and for God's Law and Plan was to be proved as a sign for all in Heaven and on this earth, and He was up for the task.

What satan meant to do was just get rid of the King, even knowing God would send another in some form. But this Cross would have given satan a great satisfaction - thinking he had outsmarted God and therefore could outsmart Him again.

Do you see how God cannot be outsmarted? If you are on this path where you are in cahoots with satanic thinking, then forget it. God has your number. He knows what you are doing, saying, thinking about Him. You don't fool Him. He cannot be outsmarted in any way; He only allows you your successes against Him for His own Grand Design. You serve a Purpose both if you are for Him or against Him.