The Daily Walk

09/05/2015 10:34

Friend, remember to walk each day with the Lord.  Know that He is with you and His Spirit is available with tens of thousands of angels to put to work for you when you walk with Jesus as your Lord and Saviour God.

Have Joy in your heart for Almighty Father God loves you, and is guiding you along the Path of Life everlasting for your soul.

Be open to hear the voice of Father, Son and Spirit, and respond according to the inspiration you receive.  Do not deny it, as it will shrink away to nothing when you constanntly crowd it out with your own rationalizations.

Reject the old ways of thinking and reacting to your circumstances.  Be the changed soul that God desires.

Return to Him every time you recognize your mistake in thinking or reacting to daily troubles in the old patterns.

Each day when you arise and have thanked Him for your new day, decide to change the thing that He has asked you to. 

Maybe it is not saying His name as a swear word (in vain). Or removing anger towards someone who has hurt you.  Whatever He asks, set about to do it and you can go to Him and ask forgiveness when you fail -  just keep trying with His help. You will begin to overcome and will acquire a new area in your soul that the Lord can fill with spiritual things of value to you.

All our pride and sinful ways block the Lord's access to our spirit.  The sooner we get rid of these evil ways, the closer we get to having a fulfilling relationship with Jesus the lover of our soul.

The Lord is waiting for you to recognize that He is the answer to all your needs and you must begin to rid yourself of all the evil excesses you have acquired. He will help you to do it.  Just ask - His Power is greater than the power of evil that pervades the world.

With Him you will overcome.