The Evidence

31/03/2015 11:04

Scientists - the evidence for God is right in front of them but they give no value to it.

The things they say on the science channel are to me, so evident of a Good and Gracious God that if I didn't understand how they are deceived and cannot see properly; I would think they are stupid - finding gems of proof that God exists, and discarding them!

Huge sums of money are spent on investigaing our universe and the things they find out are mind boggling. 

It proves there is a Designer.  One who cares for His design. 

He is the Greatest Artist because all He designs is beautiful and complex. He is the Greatest Mathemetician for all He does is so precise and there is obviously much we haven't begun to decipher. He is the Greatest Lawgiver because all the complex Laws that govern the unending universes are pure and finetuned and will not fail. ( The scientists say so).

Friend, can you not see that He is Perfect in all His ways?

I just heard "The universe is not alive, it is more than alive!"  Yes, that is so true!  A Truth at last.  But a God Truth - admit it!

God wants us to know Him - all the evidence for His existence is there and through science we can  find out about His Character.

But, He also wants you to recognize His Son.  That is important to Him. 

It is the only Way to know God personally.