The Faith World

02/06/2015 12:40

Friend, there is another world - the world we cannot see. Not outer space, not other planets, but the spiritual world where God resides.

He has created this world that we can live in and see solid objects but there is another more vibrant and alive world of the spirit.

The purpose is a true mystery. Biblical and secular scholars have ideas, but we cannot trust any of that as Truth.

God says we do not need to know.  He has placed us in this world to find Him.  It is our sole duty. 

When we do that duty, we find the spiritual world through faith in God. We accept that there is only One God and He is over all other authorities.

Our faith will set us free from this world.  We live in it but no longer belong to it as we once did.  We see the flaws created by man and the evil that pervades men/women and we set ourselves apart from it because we trust in Him.

We enter the spiritual world through prayer; by communicating with our Lord who is our Intercessor before the Throne of God.

We need the Holy Spirit to interpret our prayers from our small faith words to something that will touch the Heart of Jesus.  Therefore we should see the Holy Spirit as our confidant, and helper.  It is He who will present your prayer to Jesus in the most effective way; the way your heart truly wishes it could find the words.  Your heart's desires will be spoken with great groanings and murmurings before the Lord by the Spirit.  Be certain of that.

If you have never entered into praise or worship for the Lord, I urge you to do so today.  This moment you can say, " Lord, You are wonderful in my eyes!  I am so thankful that I have found You. Thank You, Holy Spirit for all the work you have done to bring me to this place. Lord I worship You for you are worthy to be praised!"

Let those words be the beginning of your praise. You can say them all day long or whenever you feel the Spirit nudging you to praise God.

Always obey the Spirit in this matter as He has a Plan and sees the road ahead and is warning you of evil doings up ahead on the path. Begin to praise God immediately, and the road will be easier to walk as you walk through the trial. Keep you faith tank filled up with praise and worship and prayer and meditation on the High and Most Holy God Almighty.

Receive the inner Joy and Peace that comes with having a full faith tank!