The Firm Foundation

10/06/2016 10:38

Friend, to have a balanced life emotionally and physically we must have a firm foundation.

But, how is that possible with all that has happened to us in our childhood, our teens, our adult years and with all that goes on in the world that is so discouraging; violence, hate, revenge, wars, all the awful sufferings we perpetrate on each other?

Friend, it is possible when we see things from God's perspective.

Jesus offers us a Firm Foundation on which to grow, flourish and prosper according to his Will for us.

The Holy Foundation is the place to stand and face the world.

Imagine yourself standing on the Firm Foundation of Truth.

If only John  Lennon had written his song "Imagine" about the Holy Foundation of God's Word and Love for us; what a better world we would have right now. Yes, evil would lurk around but the Firm Foundation of our beliefs, would be the buffer that would not allow evil to flourish like it has.

His song is an anthem for evil really, when looked at from God's Perspective. And so many good intentioned people the world over look to it's lyrics as something beautiful when in fact from God's Perspective they deny Him and are therefore evil in nature.

Trust in the One Who died for you to have Forgiveness.

Accept the Free Gift of Salvation.

There is no man who can help you.

All the Work of the Law has been done. Carried out by the Word of God, the Son of God, the Holy Sacrificial Lamb.

God's Will, will be done!

Now is the time to realize He is in control and to be included in His Will which could only be Perfect.

We have to accept Him and give our obedience to His Will.

He will take you on a journey of self renewal and discovery that will allow you to overcome and conquer all your demons.

Join the millions who have found this to be Truth!