The Gift Of Peace

30/06/2015 12:28

Friend, receive the Gift of Peace that is offered by the Father. 

Be at peace in your inner being by knowing the Father loved you enough to send His Son to die as a Sacrifice for your sins (that would keep you from the Kingdom, your rightful place).

When sin entered the world it was given dominion over the earth and air.  God has allowed sin this privilege in His Divine Wisdom.  There is a bigger dimension than this world that the Father owns, and His Law governs the whole.  For His Own Purposes and Law, evil has entered this world - and we are born into it.

However, that Law required a Sacrifice if there was to be a Way for those; who contemplate and see that there must be One True God, to be reunited with Him and allowed into the Kingdom.

The only answer ( Law) was for God to pay the Sacrifice Himself.  And He did. 

Now it is just up to those of us who do seek after Goodness and Mercy to turn to God and accept His Son as Saviour. When we do this we cancel the hold that sin has over us, and we become part of God's Kingdom of Peace and Love and Truth and Light and we are guaranteed a home in Heaven when we accept the Gift of Peace and Life Eternal.

But, friend, as we continue living on this earth, we will have trials and tribulations that God will allow and that He will give us the tools to overcome.  It is required for us to grow spiritually just as we grow and age in the flesh.

God desires that we do not stagnate in a spiritual cocoon. He asks us to follow Him, to trust Him and love Him as He daily helps us to grow strong in faith.

There is much to know and learn about God and the Kingdom. Start your journey today and be free from the pull of worldly things.

Look Heavenward and give God His rightful place in your heart.